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At Shoulder Elbow Hand, we strive to provide an expert therapy service in a professional environment.  We work closely with referring surgeons, doctors and other therapists to achieve an optimal outcome for you in a timely manner.


Our approach is consistent with current evidence based practice, within biopsychosocial as well as biomedical treatment paradigms.  We will address your injury in its entirety, considering the evironment in which you interact and the goals and priorities you have in your recovery.


Services we offer
  • Evaluation, education and treatment of acute and chronic injury and illness

  • Custom made thermoplastic, leather and neoprene splints and orthotics

  • Pre-fabricated braces and supports for a large number of conditions

  • Individualised hand and upper limb strengthening and conditioning program's, including proprioceptive retraining for stability

  • Myofascial pain and trigger point release using massage and electrical modalities

  • Wound care and scar management

  • Oedema control, including measure and fit of compression garments

  • Desensitisation and sensory re-education programs following nerve injury or scar hypersensitivity

  • Graded Motor Imagery retraining to assist with long term pain, dyskinethesia, CRPS and other central processing issues such as focal dystonia

  • Return to work assessments including onsite job analysis to facilitate a safe return to work

  • Ergonomic education, particularly for office based occupation

  • Education and activity modifications and assistive aids to facilitate functional engagement

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